PC Death

This is not about some deadly Police officer, rather that the Home Computer has perished. Unfortunately I am not a skilled hardware technican, but from the manner in which behaves I think the motherboard has gone. The PC powers on the fans, and power supply, but no disk activity occurs and even when the RAM is removed no error warnings are forth coming.

I hope that does mean that the hard disk in still intact, and the data is still ok. I have made back ups but, none that recently.

I am thinking of the best way to replace the kit. The dead PC is over 5 years old, so that the hardware is not worth keeping, only the some of the periphicals that could be placed in a replacement.

I am wondering if the best replacement balancing performance, cost and reasonable amount of future proofing.

Would it better to purchase a complete replacement PC – just the PC itself. Or build a PC from scratch or get a bare bones system?

I would like to try the barebones options, to get more familiar with the hardware side of things; I am not perhaps ready to do the build it yourself process – and I think that is quite a costly option.

I’ll let you know how things progress.


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