The New Machine

Well, it’s actually be running a while now. I’ve just not got around to blogging about. I decided to go and purchase the components of the new system and put them together myself.  It took a couple  of evening over a week to do it; and I now feel like I’ve got a good grasp of the hardware basics that go into constructing a desktop computer. Here are the components:- The components. I didn’t go for a flashy case, keeping that to a low cost, while emphasizing the performance capabilities of the machine on the guts, motherboard, CPU and RAM. Here are the internal once put together:- The inside All in all it cost about the same to the bargain basement machine we got from PC world about 4 years old, just that this time I’ve gone to some effort to ensure that it is a bit more future proof then the last machine – you can see the size of the CPU fan compared to the rest of the component space on the motherboard!


One thought on “The New Machine

  1. Congrats on putting your first computer together, it’s a big step. I put my first one together about 6 years ago (and it’s still working today). The advantages of putting your own together is that you know what’s in it. All those cheap ones you buy at the computer stores are full of bottom of the line components that tend to slow your system down. Hope you enjoy the new system!

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