Sonific and New Theme

After a good Christmas break, the new year with all its potential and possibilities has arrived.

As a family we have a good deal to look forward, not least being the arrival of our next child. No books have opened yet on the day but we’ll be a family of 4 before the month’s out.

That said there may not be a good deal of blogging activity from myself in the coming weeks. But the arrival will noted in due course.

I’ve taken the opportunity to add a new widget to the blog, the  one. It is interesting trying to piece of music to match a blog, I hope you find my choice acceptable.

WordPress are also pretty prolific at producing new themes to try and I like the look of this one.

A new theme for a new year… a good start?


One thought on “Sonific and New Theme

  1. Nice new theme – I like the clean look.

    As for the Sonific widget – I’ll certainly remember that you’ve got it installed. It pretty much blasted my ears when I opened your blog!

    I look forward to the notation of the new arrival (and the new arrival too) in said due course.

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