Tagged – 5 things you may not know about me

Stu got me, so here goes.  Apologies for being a party pooper but the game ends here.


  1. I have a birth mark on my right wrist that looks very much like a greeny-blue bruise. 
  2. A piece of my family history that I inherited is on display in a stately home in Scotland.
  3. I won a bicycle race at the tender age of 3 and a bit. Beating off my fellow competitors on a bike with stabilisers! I retired from competitive cycling soon after, on advice from my parents.
  4. My name will be appearing in the Daily Telegraph next month, as a recognition of my achievement of CITP status.
  5. I played a Roman Centurion in a school play called “The Muckle Brig”, a story about the contruction of the Forth Rail Bridge. Not that the construction is attributed to the Romans, the part introduced some of the history of area, and how ferries had been used for many years as a way of crossing the estuary.

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