Goodbye Summer

With the clocks changing to (DST) over the weekend, the long nights are once again upon us.  Soon Christmas will be fast approaching and this year 2007 will be winding to a close…

So some items worth recording on this often neglected blog…

Today Natasha is 9 months old – how quickly time passes by!

Our Summer highlight was undoubtedly the fantastic family holiday in North Wales in September; we managed to hit a rare week of warm sunshine and pleasant weather. So it was beaches and paddling a plenty.

We’ve had our house on the market and then off again; as the market stalled and stagnated on the back of various financial occurrences here and overseas.

I’ve started to learn the ropes of my job; whilst gradually relinquishing those of the old one. And somehow since mid-August I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books!

May be I’ll get round to blogging with a couple of pictures again next time.


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