Saying Farewell to the Kings Centre–Moving on to Greater Things

This Sunday (26th June 2011), marks the final Sunday services in the Kings’ Centre. The congregational meeting place of LifeChurch Manchester (formally South Manchester Christian Fellowship (SMCF) / Sale Baptist Church), for the last 50 or so years.

So What’s happening?

  • A new building is going to be built on the site to enable more and greater things for God to happen in and for the communities of South Manchester.

When is this happening?

  • Well, the contractors will soon (July 2011 onwards) be on site, doing demolition and then constructing the LifeCentre.

When will LifeChurch Manchester be back on site?

  • In about 12-18 months time.

What will LifeChurch Manchester do in the meantime?

  • We will continue to meet together at The Avenue Methodist Church, Sale.  We’re grateful for their generosity in sharing their premises with us, while the construction work goes on.

What will the new building be like?

Learn more about the journey towards to realisation of this project here:

New Building for LifeChurch

The blog of journey through this change:

Building the LifeCentre

What are my memories of the King’s Centre?

  • One of my main memories is that the King’s Centre served as the rehearsal venue of Copper Beech.  Where we crafted many of our songs, did some recording and of course polished our set list for our gigs.  Good days! Smile
  • Also it has become my family’s church and centre of worship for the past 5 years or so.  Both my daughters have been dedicated there, and it’s been a privilege and joy to share life and see God in action in so many lives.

What are my hopes for the transition and the new site?

  • It’s just a great opportunity to continue to explore ways we can continue to serve God in South Manchester.
  • The building will enable the church (the people) to do many more exciting things.  Here is a list of vision and ambitions of things we hope to bring into being, when the new building is in action.

Dreams for the New Building  

This whole project is a great testimony to the faithfulness of God and this will an exciting and challenging period for LifeChurch Manchester . Bring it on!


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