Love Music, Remember 1991? Please vote for my blog!

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Back in September 2011 – I wrote this post :

Thank you 1991 you changed my life  as a remembrance of the great music released that year and how it impacted my life.

It resonated with a great number of people, and had over 200 comments and responses.  The post even featured on WordPress’sFreshly Pressed” selection:



As a result has nominated my blog to be part of their 2012 Fascination Awards in the librarian blogs category.

Which is why I placed the badge on the side of my blog.

So if you love music, remember 1991, or even like that post or this blog please vote for my blog:

Click here to view the voting page

Look for the URL   (select that to vote for me!)

Thank you for reading and voting, I appreciate it!

Further information on the vote:

  • All blogs listed on the ballot are randomized every time the poll is accessed to ensure the fairness and integrity of the results.
  • All votes are 100% anonymous and secure through the use of a 128 bit SSL connection.
  • The ballot contains a list of 100 nominees which have been chosen by our editorial staff and were selected from a pool of over 2,300 submissions.


I have no personal connection or affiliation with, so this post is not written to plug or advocate their products or services.


One thought on “Love Music, Remember 1991? Please vote for my blog!

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