Via The Oatmeal – You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you

It’s been a while since posted anything, and what I’m about to post is like a re-tweet, it is not even my material.

However, because it is worth reading and sharing I’m doing this post.

The source is theoatmeal and the item is: You’re not going to believe…

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.



Please read and if you enjoy or it makes you think… consider sharing it.


The Trepidation of the Untouched Page

It’s a blank canvas, in an unspoiled, unblemished pristine state. But sterile and devoid of life, meaning, value, suspended in limbo, waiting to become something. Needing an idea, a creative force, an inspired touch to make it into something.

We all have those moments, when there’s a blank moment, a pause, perhaps we’re uncertain about what to do next, or our turn has come and something makes us freeze. We have phrases to describe this state, “Writer’s Block”, “Stage Fright”, “Like a rabbit in the headlights”. Sometimes these are quite public moments, accompanied by a blush of embarrassment, sometimes these are private fears, gripping us in a state of inaction that seem to colour or blemish our lives as long as we remain beholden to them.

And so it was with me when I got an invitation to post something to Medium.

I wondered… What do I write, and what about?

And should I write here at all (what can I add)?

To me Medium seemed to positioning itself as a more prose focused and more literary elite content service. Sure I’ve blogged before and will continue to do so, but I don’t think of myself as a real writer-type. I minimised my exposure to essays and other extended prose’s (English and History) as soon as I could exercise choice over my subjects at school. Why would I think I could reverse at situation now?

Well I’m going to give it a go, not sure how often, or on what topics. Most probably in line with the type of topics I had post to my TORCH WordPress blog. Certainly I’m not after another separate silo of work or content, I played about with Posterous while it lasted, but it never replaced what I did on WordPress and I don’t think Medium will either. Heck, I may even find I enjoy writing more for the creative outlet that others enjoy from it.

Only time will tell — and in meantime the moments drift by, waiting and wondering…

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An update on the Fascination Awards

This is the follow up post to the request to vote post >> here

I didn’t win, and didn’t garner a lot of votes, but that’s not surprising or a disappointment.  I didn’t quite see how my blog quite worked into this category, but I think this page goes some way to explaining:

Every single one of these blogs has demonstrated its ability to:

  • Inspire its audience.
  • Generates discussion around its content.
  • Contain genuinely fascinating content.

I certainly felt that Thank you 1991 you changed my life managed to achieve those attributes.

Anyway the blog registered as #31 in the list of the “Top 50 Librarian Blogs List for 2012”. 

So I’ve updated the badge on the site. 

Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading.

Love Music, Remember 1991? Please vote for my blog!

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Back in September 2011 – I wrote this post :

Thank you 1991 you changed my life  as a remembrance of the great music released that year and how it impacted my life.

It resonated with a great number of people, and had over 200 comments and responses.  The post even featured on WordPress’sFreshly Pressed” selection:



As a result has nominated my blog to be part of their 2012 Fascination Awards in the librarian blogs category.

Which is why I placed the badge on the side of my blog.

So if you love music, remember 1991, or even like that post or this blog please vote for my blog:

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Look for the URL   (select that to vote for me!)

Thank you for reading and voting, I appreciate it!

Further information on the vote:

  • All blogs listed on the ballot are randomized every time the poll is accessed to ensure the fairness and integrity of the results.
  • All votes are 100% anonymous and secure through the use of a 128 bit SSL connection.
  • The ballot contains a list of 100 nominees which have been chosen by our editorial staff and were selected from a pool of over 2,300 submissions.


I have no personal connection or affiliation with, so this post is not written to plug or advocate their products or services.

Tagged – 5 things you may not know about me

Stu got me, so here goes.  Apologies for being a party pooper but the game ends here.


  1. I have a birth mark on my right wrist that looks very much like a greeny-blue bruise. 
  2. A piece of my family history that I inherited is on display in a stately home in Scotland.
  3. I won a bicycle race at the tender age of 3 and a bit. Beating off my fellow competitors on a bike with stabilisers! I retired from competitive cycling soon after, on advice from my parents.
  4. My name will be appearing in the Daily Telegraph next month, as a recognition of my achievement of CITP status.
  5. I played a Roman Centurion in a school play called “The Muckle Brig”, a story about the contruction of the Forth Rail Bridge. Not that the construction is attributed to the Romans, the part introduced some of the history of area, and how ferries had been used for many years as a way of crossing the estuary.